Fiona Schiffl is an Aussie quilter who started quilting as a young mum in 1994.  She loves creating quilting designs, making unique quilts, particularly pieced landscape quilts, and machine quilting on her beloved Bernina.  She has taught patchwork since 1995 and machine quilting since 2002.  She has won state quilting awards around Australia.

Recently she’s written three books: The design master plan: Creating motifs and borders, and From labels to whole-cloths: Volumes one and two.  She was fed up with not being able to come up with a lot of designs for her quilts when a computer illustration program came into her life and they became the best of friends.  She found she was doing the same things to every design to produce masses of designs in all shapes, styles and sizes.  The designs were morphing into all sorts of things. She knew she wasn’t the only one struggling to come up with designs so she wrote it all down for others.  As she is never going to use all the designs she’s come up with…well, what’s a girl to do but to share them with the world.

She has two grown kids (with brains).  Her daughter has degrees in nuclear science and her son is a commercial pilot!

She has a fantastic sense of humour (if you ask her) and loves hugs, movies, TV, photography, Photoshop and Illustrator.

May the force be with you.

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