Making photos work together in a gallery wall

I chose three photos of the front yard I took years ago. I love the raindrops on the lily leaves and how the light shines through them. Could I do something with these?

These three had interesting lines and water droplets but are all the same value.

The aim was to find photos the light, darks and mediums would work as one, the lines would be interesting and there would be some great texture. The scale would have to be similar between them. In busy photos without much negative space, where was the eye to rest?

I made the top one the lightest as I wanted them to get darker as they got lower. That black leaf in the top photo balances out the darkness of the last photo. I played around with the colour levels in the black and white tool in Photoshop to get the lights and darks. The accented edges filter adds a little water colour feel to it . The photos didn’t need to be touched up much, usually there’s a lot of cobwebs and bugs on the plants. Every photo now has it’s own personality.

The top photo looks like the sun was out more than it was. The bottom photo creates a little mystery as to where the light is coming from given how dark it is.

These were cropped so close that you might not be able to figure out what they are on first glance but are interesting enough for a second look. Despite the movement with the lines in each picture, you’re drawn in and feel the stillness after the rain. I’m not sure the stillness comes across as much in the original photos. Ordinary photos can be turned into special moments.

Happy Photoshopping,


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