Waterfall to watercolour

My favourite waterfall photo got the Photoshop treatment today. This is a small waterfall in the Mt Buangor State Park, Victoria, Australia. I didn’t see the hygge in it until I cropped it for wallpaper on my iPad.

Initially I put the vignette effect on it. When cropping it, I didn’t want the dead leaves in the photo so I moved the photo around the screen and a “Wow” left my lips. So tip one: try cropping every photo. This was just a quick snap with the mobile phone. I try to take photos without the fallen logs in the way but they’re always around. I was fascinated with the colours on this one though.

Original photo.
I’ve had a lot of fun adjusting the colour saturation and warmth/coolness. I think with the vignette, it looks better with less brightness with the light coming from above.

It makes me feel like the only thing I can hear is the running water, the only thing I can smell is the pure air and I’m the only person around enjoying the moment.

I got it ready to print as wall art but thought I’ll just see what I can do with it in Photoshop. Because it’s only part of a photo, it didn’t look good on a large scale. This was my cue to add some effects to it. I used the accentuated edges filter more than the watercolour filter but do several passes with them to see what works. I’d already done a lot of cleaning up the image with the healing and clone stamp brushes.

Here’s the results.

Perfect. I love the water. The colours are saturated for printing.

Happy Photoshopping,


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