Photoshop fun with autumn leaves

Since it’s autumn, I thought I’d share some more leaf photos. I recently cleaned most of these up in Photoshop and coloured them as the leaves were of course dead and brown in the water. The surface tension of the water was already there. This is only half the photo but each one has its own personality. I hope you enjoy this quick trip to Australia…and a time travel into autumn if you’re in the northern hemisphere.

The reflection now recedes and the leaves stand out. I love the greys and the grittiness in the leaves.
Here’s a rich rust colour version.
With a slight colour change, it’s quite a different look.
Can’t play with colour and not make them blue. It makes me think of twilight.
The golden effect surprised me.

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Here’s the green again. I’m getting large prints of this one and the next one framed next month and can’t wait. I did one with a more olive tone too and it looks awesome. They are my favourites.
I’ve shown you this one before but I enriched the colours a bit.
Here’s one from Rosalind Park in Bendigo, Victoria. It was perfectly overcast and a good day for a drive in the rain. The colours haven’t really been touched up.

Stay safe,


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