Christmas Wreath 2020


With Christmas not far away, I bought a frosted lambs ear wreath and a blueberry vine and added a couple of frosted picks. If you want a quick and easy wreath with the wow factor, this is it. 


I added some white berries to add contrast. It also looks fantastic without the snowy picks. It looks beautiful in either cool or warm lights.

It’s a 60cm wreath and the 140cm blueberry vine was a perfect length to wrap around it. The little pine stems are on the vine. The berries are a little faded which perfectly match the lambs ear. I hadn’t planned to add anything to the wreath as it was beautiful the way it was but had the vine and picks handy so less than two minutes later it was done. I’m not sure if I’ll add a bow but always have the option.

Happy decorating,


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