My design on a custom built table


Wrought iron table design Fiona Schiffl

When Mum downsized to an apartment, she needed a new dining table that doubled as a kitchen bench so I talked her into a height adjustable table. She looked online, decided on a custom build and requested one of my designs to go into a triangle on the legs. This was challenging for two reasons, one: it’s a triangle and two: Mum and I have very different tastes! I drafted a few designs and she picked one she liked and we went from there. It was an isosceles triangle so the apex was a slightly different shape, so even if this area was to have the same motif as the other corners, it would have to be altered to fit.

One subtle thing I thought about was that the original design had 4 motifs in it but 3 motifs in a triangle would look better so I thickened up the design to fit. Then the design had to suit being done in wrought iron or laser cut steel so all motifs had to be connected to something rather than floating loosely in the air.

Wrought iron table design process Fiona Schiffl

Altering the design. It’s at times like these I’m glad my designs are fairly timeless so the table won’t go out of fashion.


This table has already had an interesting past. As it was finished and ready for powder coating, the factory burnt down but luckily it survived. Even better, no one was there at the time. The silver lining is that the table has inspired the guy that made it too, especially after having to deal with the fire.

It’s so fun to see one of my designs on something other than a quilt. The steel is much thicker than I imagined and it was laser cut. I have long thought many of my designs would be perfect for wrought iron and I was right. We are both thrilled with it and are sure it’s going to be a conversation piece for years to come. This design is definitely going in the next book. What kind of design would you put on a table?

Happy designing,


P.S. Thank you to Mum for the photos.


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