Woodland/Farmhouse Christmas tree


I had no idea that decorating Christmas trees had changed so much since my kids left home so I got myself a nice tree and have gone to town on decorating it. Given it’s my first attempt and I’ve started from scratch, I’m pretty happy with it. If I had to categorize it, I’d say it’s woodland/farmhouse. It was supposed to be a neutral/white colour scheme but it’s more of a frosty green. In fact, if you took the baubles and anything Christmassy off it, you could leave it up all year with the only thing giving it away that it’s a Christmas tree, is the shape.

It’s not quite finished yet and I haven’t quite seen anything as over decorated yet so understated online yet. I’m going to call her the Grand Duchess of the woodland as she’s wearing every piece of jewellery she owns.


Chirstmas 2019 Fiona Schiffl 2


Christmas 2019 Fiona Schiffl 3


Christmas 2019 Fiona Schiffl 12


Chirstmas 2019 Fiona Schiffl 4


Christmas 2019 Fiona Schiffl

Part of the topper. It may change a little yet. The gold ribbon lights up a city when the sunlight hits it.


Christmas 2019 Fiona Schiffl 11


Christmas 2019 Fiona Schiffl 10


In the photo above you can see I’ve hidden most of the baubles. This is because I wanted them attached to the tree and not the picks and the tree is busy enough so it gives you something to find in the tree. I’ve just added in the berries and they gave the tree a pop of colour. They are hidden too as they stood out too much.  There are several blue baubles there which are even more hidden (except for that one peeking through). These fill in the few spots you can see through the tree and I figured if you want to see anything through the tree, it would be blue sky. This one will be pushed back further at some point.

The poinsettia there is greener than it appears. I made the beaded picks. The icicles may go on at some point but for now these do the same job and the clear beads catch the light which look great. These also double for ribbon on the tree, I thought that would be a step too far. They give movement leading the eye down the tree. The leafy picks and the ones that look like baby’s breath were silver then spray painted white. The leaves were cheap garlands that were cut into foot long pieces.


Christmas tree woodland Fiona Schiffl


Now I’ve got a taste for it, I’ve started to arrange an idea that should work for the teardrop garland that’s on it’s way, the dining table or something for a wall. It’s not put together at all yet. The garland is a lighter green long needle pine so I think it’ll go nicely.


Chirstmas 2019 Fiona Schiffl 20


For a final treat, here’s a photo I took on a recent trip to Tasmania. I love Russell Falls and there was a lot of water flowing after a good winter. They are a lot bigger than they look and you can walk up to the top to Horseshoe Falls. The air is as fresh and pure as you’d imagine it to be and it’s one of my favourite places on Earth.


Russell Falls Tasmania 2019 Fiona Schiffl



Happy decorating,


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