Make a M class bobbin holder


When I got my new Bernina I needed a lot of bobbin storage so I made these out of camera bag foam. You can push out the 1cm (~half inch) squares of foam to fit around anything. They are then placed in the drawers in a paper tray container, the sort from an office supply store. My holders fit 55-56 large Bernina bobbins each for both the sewing machine and the Q20. I like there is a little bit of room around the bobbins so I can easily get my fingers in there.

First setup your layout as you may be able to get more bobbins in one way than the other, or you may want all your bobbins horizontal rather than vertical in the drawer. Then cut strips of gaffer tape to put on the bottom to strengthen it and to make sure you don’t get rid of the wrong squares. If you do accidentally take out a wrong square, just put some tape on the underside as I did in the right top corner and pop the square back into place. If cutting down the size of the foam to fit a drawer, I would put tape around the outside perimeter to strengthen the sides.


Large bobbin storage 1 Fiona Schiffl


Large bobbin storage 2 Fiona Schiffl

Two ways of doing the layout with the gaffer tape on the undersides.


Flip the foam over to push in two squares as shown and remove them (this is how many I needed to remove with my foam, yours may be different). These squares are the ones that don’t have tape on the underside. Place the bobbin holder in a drawer and start filling it with all your lovely threads.

Large bobbin storage 3 Fiona Schiffl

If you want to take the whole thing out to have by the machine, make sure to take the drawer with it or the bobbins will fall on your feet. Haven’t done that yet, thank goodness. If needed you can also put sticky labels on the rows to differentiate cotton from poly, etc., or make up a different one for each kind of thread.

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