Jazzing up your pegboard

Why did I put such a weird background on this picture? Ah, you’ll see…


Good morning! If you don’t like the look of plain pegboard, jazz it up.  Mine holds my quilting rulers and was looking rather sad so I spray painted it. I couldn’t get the colour I wanted so the next best option was to paint it the same colour as the wall it leans against. It’s quite well camouflaged there as you can see, (or not)!


The pegboard is tucked in this alcove.


I didn’t put pegboard all the way to the ground as I figured the longer rulers could just hang there.

I took it apart and gave it two coats but found it needed a little more but the crazy idea of putting on a layer of glitter paint took over in the paint aisle and here ’tis. It looked great with the two slightly different blues on it BUT…the glitter layer was incredibly rough.  This wasn’t going to be good for the backs of the rulers so eight coats of gloss later, I was satisfied it was going to be okay.


It’s a little bit pretty!


I also left some free space at the top of the board for a sign or banner of some description but haven’t figured out what to put there yet. If I was into Australian football, (which I’m not) I might put “Aussie rules” on top. That’s one of the names it’s called here. If I was a guy, I might put “Size matters” up there. As it is, “Fiona, ruler of this sewing room” or “Fiona, ruler of all” are in the running at the moment.

Any suggestions?

Happy quilting,


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