Play time with design!


Hello everyone!  I’ve been having a play with the designs in From labels to whole-cloths: Volumes one and two to show you how terrific the designs are for mixing and matching.  With the four designs above, they can be easily manipulated to create great feature designs for any artwork.

Here’s my three ideas:

In the first one, I’ve taken the elements and placed them in a circle.  This idea can be used for many designs and any ‘X’ shaped designs can be placed in the centre.  Of course you can add more elements or even different elements around the outside and other designs to the centre.


This second version creates a square design but keeps the circular element in play.


The third version uses a different outer shape and another element has been added to the central design.



So what can you create with these designs? Enjoy your design playtime and don’t be afraid to merge two unrelated designs as they will surprise you with just how good they can look. There are 400 designs in these books that are begging for you to have fun with them.  You’ll have seen quilters design feather patterns in all shapes and sizes.  Here you can see the same thing can be done with any design.

Happy designing,


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