Free quilting pattern giveaway!


To celebrate the release of the second editions of my three books, I’ve got some free patterns for you!

If you’re looking for great quilting patterns, there’s 400 featured in the books, From labels to whole-cloths: volumes one and two. (180 in volume one and 220 in volume two).  Here’s a couple of them put together to show you just how versatile they are.



The design master plan lets you get the most out of any design session where by putting a simple drawing through a series of steps.  As the design is constantly changing, it creates a family of designs suitable for any area of the quilt.  The book is jam packed with around 600 illustrations to show every little trick and tip I use in the 125 ideas to create approximately 2000 designs locked up on my computer.  This is the book I wish I’d had when I started quilting.  It would have saved me looking at a blank piece of paper for hours on end trying to come up with a quilting design!

So what’s a girl to do if she creates more designs then she’ll use in a lifetime?

Share them with you, of course!

From labels to whole-cloths: Volume one features designs inspired by many eras and cultures. There are many circular borders and designs for all skill levels.

From labels to whole-cloths: Volume two features 220 designs inspired by one little flower which may sound boring but you’ll see the design change so much you won’t recognise the original design. This flower was put through the design master plan and after 800 variations, it still hasn’t finished giving me something new each time I play with it.  I think this book is fantastic for whole-cloth quilters as there are many unusual shapes perfect for fancy borders and sashing.  


So what’s new in these editions? 

While you won’t notice most of the work I’ve done, I’ve revamped two of the covers and replaced a couple of designs in each of the FLTW volumes. I’ve also done a little rearranging and changed out and added some new illustrations to DMP.  I’ve done enough work to call them new editions and added a little design to each spine for a bit of bling.


The free patterns

Pattern one shows two designs from volume two and one from volume one. The size of the four fleur-de-lis have been enlarged from the book version.

Pattern giveway one Fiona Schiffl


Pattern two is from The design master plan although the centre is available in Volume two. The outer part is a variation of a design from Volume one.

Pattern giveaway two Fiona Schiffl


Pattern three shows two designs from Volume one.

Pattern giveaway three Fiona Schiffl


You’ll find more patterns that have been put together in the back of each FLTW book for inspiration.


The fine print: These free patterns may be used on your artwork or community group raffle quilts. They may not be sold, traded or used for commercial purposes.

When buying the books, you may digitize the designs if you have the software to do so, but they may not be sold, traded or given away in any format. If longarm quilting businesses buy the books, the designs may be used on their customer quilts.

Enjoy the designs and please send me a photo of any you use on your quilt!  If you buy (and like) any of the books on, feel free to leave a  review there.  So far I have three 4 star and one 5 star reviews over two of their sites so I’m one happy camper!

Happy quilting,


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