Tombstones and Mother’s Day


I’ve nearly finished the second editions of the books so bear with me on that one, but this week saw us do a quick trip to Sydney to see the outlaws and the kids.  Our daughter invited us to go on a tour with her of Rookwood Cemetery where apparently one of our convict ancestors is buried. We don’t know if his convict wife is buried there also but they were transported to the “colony” (Australia) for stealing linen and shoes.

Anyway, there are around 1 million graves there and I saw it as an opportunity to seek out some fantastic designs for inspiration.  What do tombstones have to do with Mother’s day? Well I’ll let you know at the end of the post!

Here are some of the designs we saw that may inspire you.




But for all of the magnificence of many of the tombstones, this one struck me to be the most personal and heartfelt one.



Small, just over one foot tall, and simply inscribed MOTHER.  It was pushed up against other stones and could have easily been missed. I imagined the child didn’t have a lot of money to buy anything bigger or even get Mother’s name engraved but desperately wanted something to say that this woman meant the world to them.

So for all those who do a mother’s work, I wish you a happy mother’s day.


Happy quilting,




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