Home made book rest

A shameless plug for my book!

Following the amount of interest in my sewing pedal foot rest and the left foot rest, I thought you might like to see my home made book rest.  It wasn’t difficult to do.  I bought some angled foam and glued them together until I got the correct angle.  Being made from foam, it’s light weight and is comfy on my lap.



Then I cut some quilting template plastic to go over the ledge so the book doesn’t sink into the foam. The ledge is cut at a right angle to the back rest.

I traced around each side of the foam base to create a cover out of curtain backing.  There’s hook and loop strips sewn around the base to keep the cover on.  I aim to make a nice fabric cover at some stage.  The book rest works well but I do have a piece of rubber shelf gripping mat under the book to stop it from sliding.  It’s 14 inches wide and from the bottom of the ledge to the top is 13.25 inches.


Happy quilting and reading,


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