Free stained glass rooster quilt pattern

Sewing the bias binding on with a double needle.


If you’re after an easy 3-4 day quilt project, this will fit the bill, especially during the current pandemic. This rooster quilt is called “Sing like there’s no one listening!” It’s inspired by a rooster our neighbours had that would entertain us from midnight until 4am most days.

Here’s the pattern I used. I increased it to about 25.5″h x 23″w.

Stained glass rooster pattern Fiona Schiffl

I used scrap fabric to fill the pieces, fused them to a backing and used a double needle to stitch the pre-made fusible bias binding around the edges, carefully covering the ends of each piece of binding as I went.



Sewing the bias on with the double needle.


I sewed a glass eye onto him instead of creating one from fabric.

Add a border if you wish. Quilt as desired. I know people hate that sentence but this rooster doesn’t need much more than stitching in the ditch.

This pattern can be used for raffle and donation quilts and entered in quilt shows. The only thing I don’t want it used for is commercial purposes whether as a pattern or a quilt/artwork. Thanks!

This has been my most viewed post so I’m glad you like it! If you make him up, please send me a photo. I’d love to see him in other fabrics. I also have free quilting designs on this blog so check them out if you’re after something different.

Happy quilting,



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