Second editions of all three books nearly ready!


Update: I did a lot of work on the books and then my computer drive decided it needed to retire so I’ve just got the computer back.  So, I’m hoping they will be back online soon! Stay tuned for the release dates.

I’ve just been working on second editions of all three books, The design master plan, and From labels to whole-cloths: Volumes one and two.  They’ve been taken offline on for the time being until they go through the review process and I order the proofs to give them the once over.  Hopefully that will only take a week or two.

What’s changed?

In The design master plan, I was actually able to add in a couple of new illustrations.  If you’ve seen the book, I’m sure you’ll know just how jam packed it already is with images (around 600).  I’ve also changed out some images and changed the cover.  It was always a little too complicated for my liking and it’s taken me a year to come up with something close to the original idea.

In From labels to whole-cloths: Volumes one and two, I’ve changed out a couple of designs in each.  They still contain 400 quilting designs between them.

Sorry if you were just about to order them but I’m sure you’ll agree it will be worth the short wait.  I’ll let you know when they are back up online and ready to delight and educate you in the art of creating more designs than you’ll ever use.

I’d love to read more reviews on if you feel like sharing the love.  So far over all amazon sites, I’ve got 4 and 5 star reviews (from strangers…or is that just friends I haven’t met yet)!  I’ll be doing some book giveaways when they are back online so look out for a blog post celebrating the release of the second editions.

Until then, happy quilting,



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