Border basics


The simplest way to create a border is to take several base units, or parts of a block and join them together with some curved or straight lines.   Let’s use this next block for the experiment.



Figure 108A: Base block.


Here, half blocks with a couple of curved lines were used to make the border. Try doing this with many of the blocks you have made.



Figure 108B: Great little border.


The most wonderful thing about this type of border is that the joining lines can be lengthened or shortened to fit the space as required, without stretching out the whole design.

The next version was made from the corner block of the last border. We will be covering corners soon but I would like to show you how a border can progress.



Figure 108C: This border has less space between the main elements but can still be easily altered.


Now let’s look at using the corner block to make the border. An element was added between the main designs so the lines did not become too long and boring.



Figure 108D: Border created from corner block.


A couple of circles were then added to it to make it into a continuous design. A partial circle was also added to help the eye move from one unit to the next. You can be quite inventive when it comes to joining the lines together, this one just adds a little bling with the baubles. The top circles also add the tiniest bit of height to the design (if it is needed to fill the space).




Figure 108E: A continuous and slightly fancier version.


You can see that creating a border from a block can turn into several ideas very quickly. These next borders were created by playing around with inverting the above borders and corners. These, in turn, led to creating some fancy blocks as well, but I’ll use another design in a moment to show you how that can happen.





Figure 109A: This is only the beginning for this family of borders.


If you like these tips, check out Fiona’s book, The design master plan containing around 600 illustrations and 125 tips for creating hundreds of designs from one idea!  From labels to whole-cloths: Volume two contain some of these designs that can be quilted, painted, trapuntoed…well, whatever your heart desires!


Happy quilting,


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