Trapunto samplers I & II


After trying trapunto on a quilt previously, I was eager to try it again when I saw Philippa Naylor’s technique in her book, “Quilting in the limelight“.  Her technique ensures that the trapunto is neatly encased within the quilting and doesn’t have a little batting outside the line.  I highly recommend her technique!  I didn’t use filler designs around the main patterns as I just wanted to practice the trapunto.

So here are my two samples using my designs.  I also FMQ embroidered the designs just like Philippa too. A few years ago, she came to Melbourne, Australia, and I took three of her classes which were fantastic.



This sample is 14″ in size.



The corner design was inspired by a blurred design (in my photo) from the front of an old building in Melbourne. This sample is 16″ in size. I used variegated thread for both samples.


Happy quilting,


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