Making one quilt at a time or several


What’s your take on this one? Do you make one quilt at a time or work on several at once?  Many people have a hand piecing project to take to a quilt group to do and work on another at home under the machine.

When I started quilting in the mid 90s, I wanted to try every technique at once and quickly had several quilts on the go.  I would lose interest in the current project as soon as I started the next one so no quilt was being finished.  One day I took stock of the pile and decided that working this way was not for me.  I wanted to make quilts, not quilt tops.  I picked up the oldest project and vowed not to start another until the pile was gone.  It kind of felt like a chore but I learnt my lesson, but that doesn’t mean I don’t admire those who can work on more than one at a time.  I do!

To this day I feel more motivated to finish off the current quilt before starting the next. I also finish the quilts faster.  I have many designs in my head for the next quilt and will design them before whilst making the current quilt.  This keeps me going.

The only exception to this rule came around five years ago when I started to play with appliqué.  It’s quilt that had been brewing in my mind for the previous five years when I had a crushing bullying incident from a family member.  This quilt is a 3D Viking style shield designed to protect my heart when laying under it.  I’m okay with this one being on my wall unfinished as it’s a therapy quilt for me and will be completed after my Lake Louise pictorial quilt because the time is right.


Do I work on the experiment appliqué or the pictorial quilt?

Do I work on the experimental appliqué or the pictorial quilt?


Whatever way you work, enjoy it!


Happy quilting,



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