Machine quilting sampler I


After learning to machine quilting, I practised for 2-3 hours per day for a couple of months.  I wanted to “get it” as soon as possible so I broke it down into bit size pieces and tackled each element of machine quilting and then put them together.  I then felt ready to do a little sampler.  I drew out a mountainscape and added in some designs.  I had no idea how to quilt the spirals continuously so each one was tied off separately.  I used the walking foot to quilt the outer upside down U shapes and the FMQ foot to do the inner ones. The largest U shape shown below is about 6″ tall.




Along the lower right hand side border, I quilted shapes I thought looked like germs. I also quilted F Schiffl and 2000. I quilted the bias before applying it which I hadn’t seen before at that point.



I quilted zig zag rainbows in the sky. The hot pink design was inspired by the movie The Dark Crystal.

For a beginner on a non-computerised machine, I thought it was a pretty good effort.  You might be able to tell I was pretty hooked on machine quilting right from the start!


Happy quilting,

Fiona Schiffl

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