Two ways of looking at things and a lesson from firewood

Of course, she may just be channelling her inner Princess Leia!


I needed a laugh and some inspiration this week after watching the US election (I’m an Aussie).  I hope this might take your mind off things too.  I took these photos of our nanny goat and firewood this week.  Our goats have been losing their winter coats and try to rub out as much as possible with their horns.  I figured if Wendy could say something here, it would be “There are two ways of looking at things…”

Meanwhile at the back of the house… it’s been raining here so I’d taken the dry firewood out from the front row of the woodpile and amazingly enough, the wet pieces on top stayed in place (and didn’t fall on my feet). I felt this was a perfect way to sum up world politics this week.


When you feel like the ground has fallen out from under you, it is still possible to find your inner strength and stay on top of things.

I’m not into politics but was surprised by the outcome and hope things will settle down soon.  Whatever comes, I think we all agree that quilting is a great way to get through any situation so I wish you all a happy quilting day.

May the force be with you!


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