Sewing machine pedal foot rest


A little while ago I posted about my left foot rest under my sewing machine.  Today I’ll show you pedal rest I made last weekend.  I was inspired by‘s post about one.  I thought I could adjust the pattern a little as my pedal tends to go sideways as well as forward when sitting on the piece of wood despite having some rubber gripper under it.

It may not be pretty but it works a treat. It has a rubber frame around the pedal, rubber grip under it along with an ice-cream container lid and another piece of rubber grip on the under side (creating a bit of a sandwich there). I put the extra support in because it’s longer than the piece of wood is wide and I didn’t want it to sag. The wood is there because my sewing table is flush with the height of my cutting table and although I’m tall, my feet don’t reach the ground comfortably.



The rubber/foam frame wrapped in fabric.


Like the left foot rest, it has a strap under it to go around the wood and this one even has another piece of rubber gripper between wood and the strap.  The whole thing doesn’t move a muscle and it hasn’t got in the way at all.



The strap and grip work perfectly around the wood.


When I attached the frame to the base plate, I left a little hole on the right side so I could slip the pedal cord out and into the machine.  It works a treat.


The circle shows where the hole is for the electrical cord.


You might be wondering why I made my left foot rest on the same angle as the pedal.  This was so when I press down on the pedal, I can press down with the left foot at the same time.  I know ergonomics say to have the foot on flat ground but I figured I could exercise it a little at the machine.

I never feel the frame on the pedal foot.

Thank you for the inspiration!

Happy quilting,


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