Left and right-handed scissors

…and why you can use both


The world became a better place the day this proud lefty was given her first pair of left-handed scissors in her twenties. No one else in the house stole or used them for a start.  There are two types of left-handed scissors out there (true and fake) so here’s my take on them.

True LH scissors have the blades set in the opposite way with the top blade set on the left-hand side.  This makes the cutting line is visible directly without having to look over the blade.  Right-handed people take this for granted but lefties look over the blade to see the cut when using RH scissors.



LH scissors on the left and RH scissors on the right. Your eye has direct line of sight with the cut.


When buying a pair of LH scissors, check the blade orientation as there are many available where the only difference is that the molded handle.  I consider this model to be a fake pair of LH scissors!  Personally the only time I would ever buy this type is if I couldn’t find a comfortable handle on a pair of RH scissors.  If you are a righty wanting to buy a pair of LH scissors, look for a set that have a universal handle but the blades are switched.



Left—molded handles. Right—universal handles.


Now for why there’s room in your world for both types. Sometimes the item you are cutting cannot be moved to better position and you want to be very accurate in your cut with the excess on the left hand side.  This may mean the line may be on the other side of the blade.  If only the blades were switched so you could see the cut perfectly!  This may be a good option for those with limited movement in their hand so they don’t have to angle the blades to see the cut.

Although I took to LH scissors like a duck to water, there are lefties out there that don’t.  I find if someone doesn’t like them instantly, they may give up straight away but I say they are worth a couple of minutes to get used to them.  I think it helps to know how they work and when to use them.

I laughed when I gave my family of righties my scissors to try. They couldn’t put them down fast enough (I think it was more of a throw than anything).  I don’t think they even gave themselves time to think that the complaints lefties have about living in a right-handed world are legitimate.

When I searched a local office supply store for a small LH pair, there was a cheap set that looked like they were there just to “satisfy” that market.  I succumbed to that and bought them and have wanted to replace them ever since.  My advice is to buy a couple of good quality pairs in different sizes from your favourite scissor manufacturer, not only for fabric but some for other things like paper.

Happy quilting,


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