What I learnt about writing books—part 5

I am a published author! Screen shot of my first book sold! Insert squeal of delight here!


Finally, the end result!

So once all of the hard work of finding a topic, writing, illustrating, editing and pushing the publish button, what did I learn?

That I could do it!  I could write and edit well.  I can take what I thought was a weakness and turn it into a strength which allows me to challenge myself with other things I think are weaknesses in my life.  I am now more confident in my abilities and have had a major, much needed ego boost (in a good way).  I was able to write something I wish I had when I was a baby quilter.  These books have exceeded every goal I had for them, I love them and they were created from the heart.  I think the hard work shines through too.  I had no idea one book would become three.  I was able to learn how to use a few other computer programs—when I prefer to have someone show me what to do as I often don’t know what questions I need to ask.  I also did courses on Photoshop and InDesign towards the end of writing the books.

It would have been nice to have a well thought out plan, every subject title on the table before I started and a layout, style and format in place but I didn’t.  I had a small idea and did a little research on the internet and looked through the quilting books on my shelf for layout ideas.   No book on my shelf really stood out with a format that I liked so I discovered what I didn’t like.  My main concern was that I didn’t want the book to look like a fancy high school assignment.  I’m proud to say that the books have been edited and formatted to within an inch of their lives.  I think I pushed myself harder and further because I felt inadequate in those areas.  I’m glad I didn’t give myself a time frame to write the books or have to answer to a publisher.  Would I do it again?  For sure.  Now I have several more skills up my sleeve and the formatting in place, I think the writing would be streamlined and faster.  Developing the technique would probably take the same amount of time.

I wrote these blog posts to encourage you if you feel you have a book in you too.  Go for it.  It was a lot of hard work every day and some days you’ll have no direction or feel like you’re going around in circles but once that direction kicks in, keep your eyes on the prize and push that upload button when you’re ready to let it go.  It is a fantastic sense of accomplishment.  Analysing how and what you do is a real eye opener.  It gives you so much confidence in yourself and your writing abilities.

Leave your mark on the world with your knowledge, wit, passion and enthusiasm.  Inspire others on their journey. Who knows what they will be inspired to do.



First copies of the books. I changed the colour of the third book but these copies hold a special place in my heart.


Happy writing and quilting,


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