Thread spool holders

My first group of cotton reel holders. Not a bad effort!


Today I thought you might like to see some of the thread spool holders I’ve made over the years.  I started out experimenting with five for friends and family.  Family are great people to experiment with!  The stain didn’t work well but I changed stains and they turned out beautifully.  I sold several once I had refined my process.  I wanted them to have an old world charm so I named them Cotton Co. which means cotton in the company of other cotton.  I created a couple of other designs, mainly free standing ones—either single or double sided.

I used 42mm x 19mm pine for the slats and 6mm dowel for the spool pins.  One the lowest row on each unit, I used 5mm dowel for storing bobbins.  Everything was glued and screwed which made them pretty solid.  My life changed once we bought a drill press!

Click on this link for the measurements for building the double sided version shown below.  You may use this pattern for making your own holders and to give as gifts.  The .pdf file is set up for letter sized paper for printing but I used metric measurements as I’m Australian.


The photos were taken on film so please excuse the quality.


I call the one on the left a breadboard style.



This was a customer order and on the left up the top it says, Est. 1946 which is the lady’s birth year and gave it a personal touch.



I made a few double sided, free standing ones that were also sold to customers. They turned out beautifully.



These little guys sit by my machines and are filled with the threads for the current projects on the machines. They are made with 5mm dowel so the bobbins fit on there too.


I was able to grab a tree trunk from my neighbours which I’ll be making some more thread spool holders for the Wonderfil cones in the coming months.  I’ll post some photos when they’re done.

In the meantime,

Happy quilting,


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