Skipping stitches solution

Gasp! Shock! Horror! How could you think such things?

When my old machine skipped stitches when free-motion quilting, I asked my trusty sewing machine service man about it.  Yes, I know that some stitches can be skipped due to pilot error but I’m a pretty confident quilter and sure it wasn’t my fault!  Anyway, his solution was to throw the timing out on the machine a little…and it has worked beautifully since, no matter what kind of sewing I’m doing.

Please note that lightning has not struck either of us for making that decision and that my machine and I are friends again.  If you’re wondering why I chose that background for the picture, I had started picturing my machine in the fiery depths of hell at times!

I don’t know whether every service person will want to try it or even see it as a possible solution, I’m just saying it worked for my machine.  It may or may not work for your machine—it’s just an option to try—but if it does work, that’s great.

Happy quilting,


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