Setting up your spare sewing machine

What’s better than one machine? Two, of course!


So you’re lucky enough to have upgraded your sewing machine but still have the old one taking up space in the cupboard.  As I change my threads often sewing pictorial quilts, I decided to set up the old machine on the table next to my flat bed sewing table and pop another colour thread in it that I use often.  That way, I don’t have to change threads anywhere near as often as before.  It’s a great system and it keeps the old machine in play.  Does it feel extravagant?  Yes. Does it save time and thread?  Indeed!

Say hello to your old beloved again and use two machines at once.  If one machine is set into a sewing table and the other isn’t, then one machine will be higher than the other.  I recommend having an office desk chair on wheels so you can adjust its height with ease and swivel between the two machines with a bit of pizazz.

For extra pizazz and style, you can always wear a tiara whilst sewing.  For the guys, I highly recommend wearing a “I love you, honey and I’ve done the washing up!” tattoo.

Well a girl can dream…

Happy quilting,


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