Don’t you just love Google?

Gotta love Google!

Okay, so I was researching if you could wash satin… Turns out it depends on what fibres it is made from so I typed in a reasonable search query.

If only Google knew the answer!

Happy quilting,


7 Responses to “Don’t you just love Google?”

    • fionaschiffl

      So far God’s been tight lipped on whether Satan can be washed. I’ve emailed and texted him, even left a message on his voice mail. I’m thinking I’m going to have to get with the 21st century and try his facebook page or twitter feed…


  1. Melanie McNeil

    Too funny. Husband and I both got a huge laugh out of this. If only we could deal with Satan so easily! Thanks for posting this. Seriously funny.


    • fionaschiffl

      Glad you loved it too. I did imagine that Satan would not go into the washing machine quietly! Happy Easter to you both.



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