Sewing machine screwdriver solution

A set of three offset screwdrivers and the 7mm offset screwdriver below.


Many sewing machines need to have the feet or throat plates unscrewed to be removed or put on.  They usually come with a screwdriver that is too large for the area of the machine it should fit.  WHY?  I don’t know, but you don’t need to put up with it—there is a solution!  Try an offset screwdriver.  I find the 7mm one fits most machines perfectly.  If you can’t get the 7mm one, try wrapping a little masking tape around the 6mm one.  They’re probably available at the hardware store, a specialist hardware store or may be have to be a special order.  Another option is to get a small set of screwdriver heads that fit in electric drills (instead of standard drill bits). They aren’t as user friendly as the full screwdriver but they should do the job.


Happy quilting!


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