Colour scheme #6


Today’s colour scheme can be used in a variety of ways—it looks terrific in delicate floral quilts.  As some of the colours are quite striking, using the more of the light grey/white may be the right way to go.  I usually say to use a number of values of each colour in the quilt, but this one may benefit from using the colours as is.

The plum colour builds a lovely bridge between the blues and the reds.  You could also use a little electric blue instead of the grey-blue for more of a dramatic effect.  Add some black to the scheme if you feel it needs it.

Once again, an golden orange has been included that I would only use a little of and probably mainly the darker parts of it.  I think the smallest part of orange that almost borders on yellow would make the quilt shine, rather than using the yellow itself.   It all depends on the quilt of course!




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