Little landscape

This started life as a thumbnail drawing on the back on an envelope.  I was interested in trying to create some good water and a leafy tree with this quilt.  I took photos of a cherry plum tree in our garden that has green on one side of the leaves and burgundy on the other.


Initial line drawing



Tree in progress, along with the pattern and colour scheme


Detail of Little landscape

Detail of Little landscape


I worked out there is such a thing as pieces that are too small!  They don’t show on the quilt top. It’s better to use a fabric that has both colours on it and save a seam.  The trees have around 1200-1300 pieces in them which was slow going but I find starting with the smallest pieces makes the rest of the quilt go fast.  Once I had the trees done, it only took 5-6 days to sew the 450 pieces that made up the rest of the quilt.

Don’t be scared when it comes to small pieces.  They are no more difficult than larger pieces.  The only thing that I find is that I have to trim back the seam allowances and the whole quilt becomes a bit stretchy in the end.  I try to stabilise the quilt top with a thin layer of cotton underneath which works well.

The hills are a little too green as the fabric markers I used to add some detail were not the right colour but I like the effect they gave the hills.

Size: 39.5cm h x 76cm w

Happy quilting,


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