From labels to whole-cloths: Volume two


From labels to whole-cloths: Volume two features 220 designs all descended from one little flower!  That flower was manipulated and evolved into around 50 different motifs so they add unity and variety to any quilt.    Here are just a few motifs used to make the designs in the collection:

FLTW Vol 2 Fiona Schiffl designs

If you’re into creating whole-cloth quilts, you’re going to love the variety of fancy designs, stars, circular and large patterns. There are also four whole-cloth designs included using many of the designs.

Like my other two books, longarm quilting businesses may use the designs on their clients’ quilts.  The designs may be digitized but not be sold, traded or given away.  See page two for more details.  Designs may also be used on fundraising quilts.

These designs can be mixed and matched with those in Volume one.

Creating all of these designs and around 580 more from one flower was such a fun ride and it is by no means finished yet. That flower has been stretched, warped, chopped up and pasted back together so many times I still can’t believe just how many designs I’ve made with it.

This book is a wonderful source of inspiration for any quilter. I would love to see what you do with the designs!

Happy quilting,


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