How far have you gone for a quilting design?

When you see quilting designs everywhere, you get to a point where you just can’t turn off you quilt radar. This can lead to some embarrassing situations.  Let me tell you of one such time that has occurred in my lifetime.

Years ago, I was at the bank and being served by a lovely lady.  I was staring ahead as she did her work when all of a sudden, an amazing, intricate quilting design appeared out of nowhere, before my very eyes!  It was great!  I studied it hard and even traced around it in my mind to see if it was continuous.  It was!  While I was trying to commit it to memory, my eyes refocused.  My jaw dropped as I realised I had been staring through her blouse to her lacy bra below. Now I’m not into lacy underwear and I quickly wiped the design from my memory.  I went bright red.

She handed me the money and I tried to walk away with what remained of my dignity…

Has this ever happened to you?

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