From labels to whole-cloths: Volume one


What’s a girl to do when she creates too many quilting designs?  Share them with the rest of the world, of course! From labels to whole-cloths: Volume one is a fantastic collection of 180 designs of all shapes and sizes for quilters or artists. Most of the designs can be adapted for appliqué and there are six patterns using several of the designs that can be used for whole-cloth quilts.

As I wanted to release designs that are different, many circular and fancy borders have been included.  All of the designs can be mixed and matched with those in Volume two.

Included in the book are general ‘how to quilt continuously’ instructions.

Quilting longarm businesses have permission to use them on their clients’ quilts.  The designs can be digitized but may not be sold, traded or given away.  See page two for more details. Designs may be used on fundraising quilts too.

Creating quilting designs has become a passion of mine over the last 15 years and I have around 2000 of them on my computer.  Volumes one and two feature the best 400 of them. I developed a process that allows me to create hundreds of designs from one idea that evolves into many different patterns and motifs.  It’s a fun and addictive process which I feel shows through in the books.

If anyone was to ask me about this book or the other two, I would say that I love them, they are beautiful and they were created from the best within me.  Each design has been meticulously drawn on the computer and the sheer number of designs overwhelms me every time I flick through the books.  I’m pretty proud of them and know that they will look fabulous on any quilt!



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