Abstract quilt idea with Photoshop

Today’s Photoshop idea uses a tree trunk that can be made into an abstract quilt, a fabric or create a really interesting quilting design.  First I used the oil filter over the trunk and then the wave filter which can be found in the filter tab, then click on the distort and wave options.  I played around with the settings until I found something interesting.


Original photo

Photos of textures in plants or driveways make some of the best ideas for a great quilting patterns. Boring photos usually become something fantastic in Photoshop.  Last year I was taking photos of all of the firewood before it was burnt during winter.  I am officially nuts!  Other great ideas for textures include a wood burning fire, rock formations, and bubbles in the kitchen sink—a word of warning though—the washing up takes a lot longer!

Happy quilting,


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