Playing around with Photoshop

When I took a course on Photoshop last year, I was struggling to figure it out for the first couple of weeks.  As I was getting stressed, I decided to have a play with what I’d (kind of) learnt so far. I needed a bit of fun at this point.  So I grabbed a photo of my driveway with the paddocks next to it and crossed with some photos of the models I’d taken at a Star Wars exhibition in Sydney (Australia).  Naturally, my mind went for the obvious combination of photos.

When I look at this photo, I feel sorry for my neighbours’ cows in the paddocks!!!

Later on in the course, I had some spare time and did another Star Wars themed photo.  Our house is near a dangerous corner and although no one was hurt in this car accident on the verge, the car didn’t survive.  I never saw the real occupants but this guy had been hanging around and I figured he might be responsible for the crash.




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