How do I quilt a pictorial quilt? Part one

This little series will show you a different way to get ideas for quilting pictorial quilts.  In Photoshop there is a wonderful filter called oil paint.  Once I found out about it, I spent a weekend applying the filter to about 60 photos.  It was so much fun!  That same weekend I decided to see what my daughter would look like if I applied the filter to my favourite portrait of her.  Thirty seconds later, I had to write her an email promising her I would never, ever put the oil paint filter over her image again.  She’d gone from 20 years old to looking like mummified remains from the bronze age.

Back to the subject at hand…For the filter to work, check that the file has to be set to 8 bit/channel and has to use RGB colours (not CMYK).  This information is found under Image—Mode.

Here is the end result:


Warning: Free-motion quilting fun ahead!

You can play with the settings on the oil paint filter and produce a variety of different results.  I will show you some of these styles in future posts.  In the meantime, I recommend looking at a few on-line videos to see just how versatile this filter is.

Happy quilting!


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